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Hello, and welcome to my little piece of the web. This page was originally created in 1994 or 1995 (back before they were called "home pages"). I used to have a lot more content here, but I've slimmed it down to some basics, and left the social networking to places like Facebook LinkedIn , or even Google Plus , try as it might.

I'm based out of Northern Virginia, US, although I like to travel so can often be found in other places throughout the country and the world.

I'm a unix-geek and have been involved in networking and technology for longer than I care to remember. Much of my focus in technology has been in scalability in large enterprises. You may be able to tell from my resume that my largest interest is probably in systems management, ranging from user management to software configuration and distribution, especially how things get packaged up and sent around. I've spent much of my career dealing with both the packaging and distribution problem and the infrastructure (user and device) management problem. I think the hot new term for some of what I do is "DevOps", and indeed we are using that term at my current job now.

Please take a look around if you're curious about more about me. Click on the arrows or use the navigation links.


These days, I work for AppNexus. In past lives, I've worked for Vonage as a Senior Systems Architect and Senior Manager of Systems Architecture, Wayport as a Senior Systems Architect, UUNET Technologies as "Manager, Systems Infrastructure", and as a senior sysadmin there before that and for UMIACS at The University of Maryland

My resume has all the gory details about my career and experience. Give me a holler if I look like someone you may want to work with.

I'm a teleworker, and have been for over ten years, and I really enjoy working from home. It takes a certain amount of discipline to work successfully in such an environment, but I seem to do ok, despite the potential for distraction.


I like to cook. A lot. I've looked to things like Cook's Illustrated and Fine Cooking magazines for inspiration, and they've provided me tons of know how, but I also like to experiment and have trouble actually keeping to recipes precisely. Maybe one day I'll draw up a web site with some of the interesting things I've prepared. My favorite things to create are breads and desserts. I started a page on candies I've made, though I haven't been able to devote a lot of time to that in the past few years.

I'm an avid music listener, pretty much all styles, and about the only time I don't have music going is when I'm sleeping or when I might be listening to NPR, such as Wait Wait, Don't Tell me!" or Radio Lab, on the radio or more often podcast. As far as music goes, in recent times I've been particularly fond of Jazz, Electronic Music and indie chick singers.

I'm trying to learn more and more about photography. I'm using a Canon EOS 50D, although have been oogling the Cannon EOS 5D Mark III. Check out Reverie for some awesome video done by the 5dII, and also some tilt shift awesomeness, which goes to show you that its all about the optics.

I could tell you more, but I don't want to bore you.

amiga The Geek in me amiga

I used to have a list of machines here, but that got way out of date. It's sufficient to note that I have some combination of machines running NetBSD/amd64, NetBSD/i386, NetBSD/sparc64, Mac OS/X, Windows XP (unfortunately) and some other instances (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSolaris, and other Windows) under xen and Virtualbox. My naming conventions tend to be after my favorite alcohol, and after words from The Wheel of Time.

I still have an Amiga 2000 that I turn on sometimes, am still connected by a ds1 (arguably not broadband anymore), and have my domain,, and for the vanity of it, just because I can.

My favorite programming language is probably C, though I use Perl, or Shell depending on the task I'm coding for. I probably use others for special tasks, but one of those three usually covers it. One of these days, I'll probably learn python, since that seems to be the new hotness, and its getting harder to get by without knowing it. At the same time, maybe I will learn Whitespace. Having said all that, I can usually manage to function with most of the typical languages, though.

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Here are links to some of the people I know with web pages:

This list is ever shrinking as a testament to the number of people who actually maintain home pages anymore.

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This page is always in a constant state of evolution, and I occasionally find time to actually make changes here, so keep looking here for festive and exciting changes! (okay, maybe not exciting or festive, but changes anyway...)

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