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Kerberos is a standardized authentication system that came out of MIT. It provides a secure network based authentication to allow users to access resources on a network.

Kerberos is based on the concept that the network between hosts should be assumed insecure and is designed accordingly.

In addition to the version from MIT, Heimdal is a compatible implementation that comes out of Sweeden providing an alternate implementation that is also not subject to US export laws for munitions (for non-US companies).

Microsoft has decided to use Kerberos for it's authentication method in Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 opening the door for a common authentication infrastructure between unix and windows environments.

Omniscient Technologies has the depth of experience with Kerberos required to help companies work through the challenges of integrating Kerberos into their environment, from systems for the configuration and management of user information to integration of Microsoft and unix-based systems. This provides the end-users with a straightforward authentication environment while not compromising security.

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