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NOTE: We are not actively seeking consulting work at the moment!

Omniscient Technologies is a company featuring people with a depth of knowledge in the base technologies that ultimately drives the success of businesses. The importance of a efficient and competent Information Technology infrastructure ultimately drives the success of most businesses today and we exist to help get you there.

We can work with you to deal with all aspects of your information technology needs -- providing your information technology staff with what they need to get their job done.

With our belief in the power of open source solutions we provide a range of solutions -- from turnkey solutions to your problems to providing a place where your staff can turn when they don't have the expertise or resources to tackle problems within these environments. We take the risk away in building your business around these innovative solutions.

We have significant experience in the underlying operating systems such as Sun's Solaris, Microsoft Windows, many versions of Linux as well as the BSD flavors backbone operating systems of many service providers -- FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD as well as experience with a plethora of software that sits on top of them including database and web development.

Think we might be able to help? Please Contact Us and we will work with you to show you how we can help you succeed.

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