is configured for use with standard mail readers that support IMAP over SSL and SMTP over SSL with SMTP AUTH. Examples of clients that are known to work are pine, mutt, Netscape 6.2, Netscape 4.77, Outlook and Outlook Express.

In addition to these imap clients, and unix-based login access using ssh (or putty or some windows based ssh client), you may also use Squirrelmail to access your mailbox and folders from a web site. You may need to load the certificate uthority cert as a trusted root certificate authority in order for this to work with some web browsers. (otherwise you'll likely have to put up with a warning about the certificate not being signed by a trusted/known certificate authority.

note that you can use outlook, pine, squirelmail, and any other ssl imap based clients at the same time.

Outlook Express is one very common mail reader that ships with windows and supports all the necessary protocols to function with the mail servers. On this page, you'll find the instructions for configuration of outlook express to use with these mail servers, including some screen captures describing a default setup.

For the adventurous, here's the necessary information to configure a client. Note that they are BOTH SSL servers and the client must support SMTP AUTH in order to relay mail through the mail sytem.

Configuring Outlook Express 6

Version 6 is the latest of Outlook Express. v5.5 and 5.0 have been tested with the mail server and the directions for configuration should be similar, but they may not be identical.

First, you must select Accounts inside the Tools menu inside outlook to configure a new account:

From there, you should "Add a new Mail" account:

you'll need to enter your name, which should be self explanatory:

and then your email address, which should also be self explanatory:

setup your incoming and outgoing mail servers:

and setup your account name and password. DO NOT turn on "secure password authentication":

once you're done with that section (the following screen, not shown here is just a finished menu), you must furthur configure the account, which you can do by right-clicking on the new mail server on the left hand side ( and selecting "properties":

Inside you must configure the outgoing mail server to require authenication under the Servers tab:

and require SSL for incoming and outgiong mail:

You must also setup a root folder path of "mail" on the IMAP tab:

At this point, you should be able to download mail folders and read your email. You MAY need to contact Todd and get your outgoing password setup, although hopefully that will just work very soon or there will be a link from this page to reset it yourself.
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